Snowflake Garland and Coffee Filter Snowflake How To

Coffee Filter Snowflake How ToSnowflake Garland

So the weather outside our house is not yet a winter wonderland.  To get in the holiday spirit, I set up a snowflake crafting invitation for the kids after school recently.  I thought the kids would make a few and we would hang them on the windows to make us think of snow.  But all three kids (even our 13-year-old) started cutting out snowflakes and just kept cutting until we had a large pile of beautiful snowflakes.  We had so many snowflakes that we made this fun snowflake garland for the mantle.  I simply taped the snowflakes to a piece of white yarn and hung them up.  The nice thing about the snowflakes is that they do not need to come down after Christmas but can continue to decorate the house for as long as they keep making us smile.

Coffee Filter Snowflake How To

There are so many different ways to make a snowflake.  Our favorite way is to use coffee filters.  The coffee filters are already round and the paper is nice and thin which makes them easy to fold and cut (even with blunted kid’s scissors).  Simply fold the coffee filters in half, and then in half again and again, until you get a thin elongated triangle.  Then, you cut shapes such as triangles, hearts, waves and half circles around all of the edges and the tip.  Open and enjoy!

Next up, my daughter wants to paint the snowflakes so they look like the ones in Keat’s Snowy Day.  I think we will try using eye-droppers to drop liquid watercolors onto the coffee filters to make a tie-dye effect and then cut out the snowflakes.  My kids just love liquid watercolors and the eye-droppers are a good way for my little one to work on his fine motor skills.  I will be sure to post the results.

How do you make your snowflakes?

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